S.M.A.R.T. - Standardized Market Access & Real-time Transparency

- Fastest BBO, Order Matching, FIX Engines & WEB Server, all programmed in a generic “C” language
- Deep & advanced Order Book-in-Book FIX API allows order routing to the Best & Specific Liquidity Sources
- Pre-built Market Making (MMT) & High Frequency (HFT) Trading capabilities
- Customizable White Label (WL), Liquidity & ALGO trading solutions
- FX, Commodities, Derivatives & Crypto EXCHANGE turn-key operation
- High Speed Best Bid & Offer (BBO), Multi Liquidity & STP order processing capabilities
- MT4 Server & FIX Bridge solutions
- MT4 based FX ECN & Crypto Exchange solutions

Fair and Transparent Market

FX, Commodities, Derivatives and Crypto products

S.M.A.R.T. TrueTrade CLOBBER is built by the group of Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions, technology, analytical and law firms setting the Bar for FX Industry Standards at 100% transparency level. Unlike other main FX facilities S.M.A.R.T. TrueTrade represents a Fair and Transparent Centralized Electronic HUB with the Equal Right Opportunity infrastructure for all Institutional and Individual Members. TrueTrade Liquidity core, besides matching member orders, is also backed up by initially connected to its decentralized FX Over-The-Counter (OTC) Global Marketplace.
Real - time Auditable transactions allow Institutional and Individual Members watching their Limit Orders in "Open Order Book" and Filled Orders in "Open Trade View".

System Overview

The fact that TrueTrade , same as UNIX, Linux, Windows, Apple operating systems is written in a generic "C" program language, simply makes it NATIVE & UNIQUE in FX, Commodities, Derivatives & Crypto markets. It sets the Bar for the industry Real-time Exchange, Brokerage, Risk Management and Algo type trading systems at the STANDARDIZED Industry Level insuring the Highest Speed, Lowest Latency, High Scalability, Availability, Reliability and Security. Main Core components include: a) Best Bid & Offer (BBO) Engine; b) Order Matching & Processing Engine; c) BBO FIX Engine with FIX API; d) Web Server.
Built-in BBO WEB Server allows using browser-based Risk Management GUI & Client Terminal GUI on any device on any type of the operating system having a browser; this includes smart phones.

Terminal Overview

Market System is mostly used by FIX and Java Script (JS) API Institutional and Individual Users for ALGO & Manual trading. It contains:
- FIX & JS API connectivity credentials, instructions and examples;
- Customizable "Look and Fill" setting capabilities for different devices including Smart Phones;
- JS programmable EZ Language capabilities;
- Depth of the Order Book;
- MARKET, LIMIT & FOK orders are supported.

Besides offering 100% Transparency Standards represented by True Trade with Equal Right Opportunity Infrastructure offered to all Institutional and Individual Members, TrueTrade is offering all turn-key Liquidity, Operational & Technology solutions to all Institutional and Individual Members.

Low Budget FX Broker Solution!

FX Firms Welcome:

1.Pre-launch Order

2.Customized Broker

3.Dedicated BBO Engine

4.Risk-Management A/B/C (A & B) Books

5.Unique Deep Liquidity

6.Customized Liquidity

7.MT4 FIX Bridge

0% programming required to Own Your FX & Crypto ECN!

Build your Own FX & Bitcoin ECN

1.You have LP Accounts w/multiple LPs & APIs open Enter API info into fields online & Your ECN is ready!

2.You don’t have LP Accounts

a. Choose LPs from the list

b. Open accounts with LPs

c. Obtain FIX API credentials

d. Enter API info online & Your ECN is ready!

Unique Tools for MT4 Server

Take advantage of Exchange Low Cost MT4 Solution

1.Official MT4 White Label Registered under your Entity Name Includes:

a. MT4 FIX Bridge w/Limit Order Routing Capabilities

b. BBO Risk Management with real-time LP connectivity management capabilities

c. Pre-build Deep Liquidity

d. Add Customized Liquidity

2. ECN White Label


a. MT4 FIX Bridge w/Limit Order Routing Capabilities

b. BBO Risk Management with real-time LP connectivity management capabilities

c. Pre-build Deep Liquidity

Your Gateway to Unique Liquidity!

Take advantage of Exchange Electronic Liquidity HUBs

1.Best Bid & Offer BBO Engine

2.Limit Orders routed to BBO

3.Order Matching Engine

4.Premier customized turn-key

5.Customized liquidity solution Available in accordance to Customer’s business model

6.Low Cost additional FIX API Connectivity AVAILABLE!

Request to Own Your Exchange

Low Cost Exchange Solution

1.Types of Exchanges to Order:

a. Commodities Exchange

b. Derivatives Exchange

c. Foreign Exchange

d. Crypto BTC Exchange

2.Simplest Order Process:

a. Compile Your Idea

b. Prepare your Business Model

c. Order a Free Consultation

d. Execute an NDA

e. Supply with Paperwork including Tradable Instrument Specs

Setting Up Your Own Exchange

1. We’ll prepare the Agreement

2. From this point Minimum time of 72 hours is required for allocating hosting facility, Infrastructure, setting up your tradable Instruments & QA testing

3. We’ll launch Pilot/Test Instance after the initial deposit is made

4. We’ll launch Production version after you accept Pilot Instance